Flying Sails and more: Early UFO accounts


By ROBIN SMITH-JOHNSON Over the years, there have been many UFO accounts across Cape Cod. Perhaps our proximity to water and flat surfaces make us susceptible to these eyewitness reports. In March 1964, More...

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A Review of Findings From Under the Giza Plateau

great pyramid

The Giza plateau is composed of limestone, a geological feature which creates natural crevices and pockets in the stone somewhat like Swiss cheese. Perhaps not so strange then More...

Millennia Old Extremely Complex Object Of Unknown Origin?

Some rights reserved by RBerteig FLickr

  Some rights reserved by RBerteig FLickr   In the beginning of 1974, a strange object was brought to light by a group of construction workers digging in the area of More...

Super Megaliths in Gornaya Shoria, Southern Siberia

Image by Matt Mordfin Flickr

Image by Matt Mordfin Flickr John Jensen has posted some interesting information concerning Siberian Megaliths.  John says: I subscribe to a couple of Russian Blogs and Websites More...

Image by Official U.S. Navy Imagery (Flickr)

Baltic Anomaly: Far Stranger Than Any UFO Discovery

Image by Official U.S. Navy Imagery (Flickr) This is turning into one of the most amazing and perplexing discoveries in history. If you thought all of the questions surrounding More...

Grainy images presented as evidence of structures constructed on the 400C surface of Mercury

Image by Lunar and Planetary Institute FIRST it was a face on Mars. Then it was Nazis on the moon. Now is it little green men on Mercury? One UFO expert is convinced NASA photos More...

Boston Bombing Never Happened?


Watch the CNN video and decide for yourself.  Watch the video. Image by Dave Hosford  More...

Preparing the WTC for Destruction

Image by Viktor Nagornyy (Flikr)

Image by Viktor Nagornyy (Flikr) What are the odds that an avant garde Austrian art group was given access to the More...

chicagopolice Chicago Police Use Taser On 8-Month Pregnant Woman Over Parking Ticket Comment

Although we do not advocate using disabled parking spaces unless you are disabled we ask was...

Image by wwarby Police officers leave f-word rant on victim’s voicemail

Two police officers are being investigated after a conversation in which they call a suspected domestic...

Image  Brett Levin Photography Militarized Police Raid Man’s Home – Arrest Him for Souvenir Shotgun Shell

A Washington D.C. man faces possible jail time and a hefty fine for keeping a souvenir...


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alien abduction implants – Full Feature

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Is the moon artificial?

One of our most familiar sights in our night sky is the moon.  But is the moon a natural satellite created..

Flying Sails and more: Early UFO accounts


By ROBIN SMITH-JOHNSON Over the years, there have been many UFO accounts across Cape Cod. Perhaps our proximity More...

‘UFO’ seen in Hoddesdon

MYSTERY surrounds the appearance of some strange lights in the sky, which were seen over Hoddesdon on Saturday night. A woman..

UFOs: The Unexplained NASA Files – Paranormal Documentary

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Does this photo prove there are ghosts? Nah!

Credit: James Michael DuPont A GROUP of ghost hunters believe they found up to nine spirits inhabiting the Stag theatre during a paranormal pursuit last..
Image by didbygraham Flickr

Bomb disposal teams kept busy in Cornwall

BOMB disposal experts are being kept busy on the Cornish coastline as unexplained objects are exposed by storms. A Ministry of..
Image Credit: NASA

Secret Space Programme?

THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM - Discovery Documentary Runtime58:47 View count13,239  ..

new paranormal novel, The Ghosts of Emily Gray.

Author and artist C. Keith Carpenter has recently published his new paranormal novel, The Ghosts of Emily Gray. Premise: Multiple ghosts..