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Weird Wiltshire is run and maintained with the sole purpose of providing a repository of news, articles, reviews and videos that cover many subjects from Science to the paranormal.

We accept no credit for any of the stories or articles published.  All stories are linked to their original websites where more information on the article can be gained.  All images used on our site are to our knowledge in the public domain or are sourced and credited from the Creative Commons Flickr repository.

This site does not necessarily agree, support or believe in any of the news items we publish.  We categorise each article and post into categories that we believe represents the subject matter (fortean or not) of the story.  The stories are collected from various news sources including Google News, RSS feeds and social media and are generally non-molested by editors at our website.  We publish stories that we find interesting and amusing, but this does not mean we believe any of it.    Our personal belief systems are our own and although may be hinted at by the contents of this site, we do not publicly share them.  We suggest therefore you treat these pages as a repository of the possible; some things are true, some are unproven and some are down right daft – but what is important is that you draw your own conclusions.


Weird Wiltshire was formed in 2008 with the sole intention of putting on a event in Warminster to celebrate its UFO history. Backed mostly by members of SUFOR (Swindon UFO Research) the website, graphics and videos were created and the event launched. By the time the event arrived, a core group of people had formed outside of the original team and the event was run.

At the end of 2009 the team morphed again and began the long journey of staging the 2010 event. Other projects such as Weird Talking, Weird Investigations and a radio show Clear Air Turbulence were also initiated at this time. As the 2010 event moved closer all other projects were closed down to focus on the main event – weird 10.

The last event Weird put on was Weird 11 which was held in Swindon in the September of 2011.

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