Millennia Old Extremely Complex Object Of Unknown Origin?

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  Some rights reserved by RBerteig FLickr   In the beginning of 1974, a strange object was brought to light by a group of construction workers digging in the area of central Romania. The discovery was made at the depth of approximately ten meters, in the sediments of the river Mures, 2 km east of Aiud and about 50 km south of Cluj-Napoca, More...

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great pyramid
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Interview with Patricia Awyan on the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Image credit: zoonabar flikr – Creative Commons Patricia Awyan is a teacher, spiritual life counsellor and co-director of the Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism. In this interview, Patricia sheds light on More...

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Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012

Credit: Brien Foerster Some information from Brien Foerster  on ancient technology. YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 410 - No longer available  More...

twisted weapons
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Ancient Discoveries : Twisted Weapons of the East

The show travels first to India where they encounter martial artists wielding terrifying 6-foot-long (1.8 m) swords, a projectile that can sever the limbs of any enemies, and an ancient Indian booby trap which impales More...

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Evidence of Ancient Electrical Devices found in the Great Pyramid?

Credit: Chris Dunn Evidence of Ancient Electrical Devices found in the Great Pyramid?  by Christopher Dunn June 2, 2011 New images from inside the Great Pyramid shaft reveal evidence of electrical terminals, cables More...