NASA’s Kepler telescope finds 715 new planets outside solar system

NASA Handout

NASA Handout The Earth’s galaxy is looking far more crowded and hospitable. NASA on Wednesday confirmed a bonanza of 715 newly discovered planets outside the solar system. Douglas Hudgins, NASA’s exoplanet exploration program scientist, called the announcement a major step toward the planet-hunting Kepler telescope’s ultimate goal: More...

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Ancient Zircon Reveals Age of Earth’s Crust

Image by sdixclifford (Flickr) A tiny sliver of ancient zircon reveals the crust of our planet formed at least 4.4 billion years ago—160 million years after the birth of the solar system, according to a new study. Earth More...

Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video
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Climate Change? Worry about the MAGNETOSPHERE First!

Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video Deep within the Earth, a fierce molten core is generating a magnetic field capable of defending our planet against devastating solar winds. The protective field extends thousands More...

Image by Lunar and Planetary Institute
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Scientists release first map of Jupiter’s moon Ganymede

Image by Lunar and Planetary Institute The first map of Jupiter’s giant icy moon was put together by planetary scientists at Wheaton College using data from the Voyager and Galileo probes. The new map, created More...

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New Evidence For Ancient Ocean on Mars

Image by jasonb42882 The idea has been hotly debated among scientists for the past 20 years, ever since Viking Orbiter images revealed possible ancient shorelines near the pole. Later findings even suggested that More...

Image credit: NASA
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NASA claims to have solved the mystery of the ‘jelly doughnut’ on Mars

Image credit: NASA NASA has solved the mystery of a ‘jelly doughnut’ rock that appeared on the Martian surface – and says it was just a rolling stone. The white-rimmed, red-centered rock caused More...

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NASA Hubble Finds a Blue Planet That Rains Molten Glass

(c) Chris Harvey Astronomers making visible-light observations with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope found a “blue marble” alien planet just 63 light-years from Earth, but the world is not but friendly More...

Credit: NASA
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Importance of Oldest Star Discovery

Credit: NASA In Australia, astronomers have discovered something new and extremely important for today’s technology lingering 6,000 light years away in the observable universe. They have discovered the most ancient More...

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Entrepreneurs on the Moon? NASA Takes a Step in That Direction.

Image by jurvetson How cool would it be to do business in outer space some day? Making a buck on the moon, and even on Mars, too, might not be as far off as you’d think. Not now that NASA is taking some serious More...

Image: Nasa
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NASA images show possible flowing water on Mars

Image: Nasa Scientists at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) say new clues have emerged about the presence of flowing water on the surface of Mars. NASA’s spacecraft orbiting Mars took More...