Published On: Thu, Jan 12th, 2012

Eugenics victims await compensation

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A Eugenics Compensation Task Force has recently recommended that North Carolina pay $50,000 (whilst the victims’ attorneys had rightly lobbied for millions) to each victim of a secretive American eugenics program. The state-wide program rendered thousands of poor victims sterile in what was part of a cruel Orwelian attempt at ‘social welfare’  that mainly involved people from poor minority groups.

Elaine Riddick was raped when she was 13. She went to the hospital for help, but  the state did what they thought was in the best interests of North Carolina.

“I was raped twice…..once by the perpetrator and once by the state of North Carolina.”

Rebecca Kluchin, an assistant professor of History at California State University, Sacramento, told ABC News. “Eugenics in the US is something that’s still not nationally known. People associate it with Nazis; they don’t realize that the US did it too.”

Of the 33 States that participated in the program only 7 have ever publically apologised or acknowledged the heinous crimes of this program.


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  1. gerry harris says:

    The victims should not stop fighting until they get due compensation. DISGRACEFUL, UGLY BEHAVIOUR ON THE GOVERNMENT`S PART.