Published On: Fri, Jan 13th, 2012

UFO Reports

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Yesterday we posted the now infamous Scottish UFO lights video, which it appears everyone believes were lights reflecting off the fog.  We were alerted to another video from the UK today which is pretty much the same.  The video is below (mute the volume!) and is from NYC812 YouTube channel.

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  1. ROBERT CLANCY says:

    last nite i woke up to goto bathroom and on looking out my window i saw a powerful spectacle of orbs in a clear bright sky working together in a triangular motion and emiting lights that lit up the sky . i woke my girlfriend up to basicly make sure she could see what i could see and to make sure i was sane after 5 mins she i was sure that it couldnt be anything other than a ufo sighting . it was amazing to watch and i did so for oer an hour before cloudy skys obstructed my awe . this was in scotland ayrshire on jan 27 im looking to see if anyone else saw it in sky