Published On: Mon, Aug 29th, 2011

A Rare inteview with Steve Dewey

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Steve Dewey, author of In Alien Heat, kindly met us to discuss his book amongst other things in Avebury.


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  1. I was invited to UK by the large Early of Clancarty and was one of the few Americans to speak at the unofficial House of Lords UFO Group. I had published one of Arthur Shuttlewood’s UFO books here in the States. I visited with him and Bob Strong and had a very nice sighting of my own where we actualy signaled to something in the sky and it appeared to respond by moving back and forth as if it knew we were trying to communicate. Bob Strong had a huge scrapbook with dozens of remarkable photos of true UFOs. . .these were NOT faked. Something real was moving about in the sky. If you don’t want to believe that is fine. If you were not there yourself you are NOT in a position to make such negative comments.